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Saturday, January 30, 2010

Mini Minis

List maker that I am (sorry, I cannot break the habit), I use a daily planner. This little notebook contains all kinds of notes to myself. Notations of things to be accomplished on certain days of the week each week, weekly meetings, appointments, certain days of the month that bills have to be paid, and such.

I also have a sheet at the beginning of each month on which I've written reminders of things to do that specific month. For instance, one of the things on January's page is "Order seeds for garden." One for March, "Take portable dinner up to Overlook and watch sunset." An item for July is "Remember to eat breakfast on the deck." September, "Stock up on good supply of bird seed for winter." You get the idea.

One of the notations for February is "Schedule time this month to make things that can be used for Christmas gifts." I know it's not February for a couple more days (whoops, just one more day) but I'm so far behind on January's list that I thought I'd cut my losses and get a running start on February.

A little explanation before I go on. I like to use itty-bitty quilts to decorate small areas in the house.

This one is on the side of a bookcase.

This one is above a kitchen counter, beneath an overhead cabinet.

In the winter, this one has a place on the kitchen side of a dividing half wall.

I've always liked this little quilt because it looks so cheerful in the cold, winter months.

So the idea came to me to make some others this size and style that I could perhaps give as small gifts at holiday time.

I made two of each of these pictured here, so I have four ready for next December. (They are all 4-1/2" square.)

On the back, I sewed a hanging sleeve and inserted a miniature dowel so they could easily be hung on a tiny nail.

Wow. I've actually got a few things made for Christmas of 2010! Too bad no one gave me a nudge with a cattle prod the first of January. I might have had better luck with the things on that list.


why not sew? said...

I'm a list maker, but not a good as you. I love the minis. I also enjoy making minis. They do make great gifts. It's such a great idea to get a head start on Christmas gifts.

Mama Pea Quilts said...

Hi, Why Not Sew - Well, I don't know if my list making is good or bad. I think sometimes it just creates pressure as to what I DON'T have done!

Thanks for your kind words. Now if I can just stay on this getting things made for Christmas kick for a couple of weeks, I know it will eleviate a lot of pressure come the end of the year.

beth said...

Love your little gifts! If I make things too far in advance I forget where I've put them!!!
If I made the detailed lists you do, of course, I could just note WHERE I'd put them. Oh well.

Sharon said...

Such cute minis!

Chicken Mama said...

Love the mini clothespins they're hanging from, too! ;)

Mama Pea Quilts said...

Hi, Beth - Completely organized I am not! I take a lot of kidding about frequently finding a Christmas gift I squirreled away and stumble across in March!

Hey, Sharon - Thank you very much!

Chicken Mama - Of course you love the mini clothespins! You're the one who put them in my Christmas stocking! :o)