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Friday, April 27, 2012

Table Runner Show and Tell

This past Monday morning, I finished the last of my three "spring" table runners but haven't had a spare moment to blog about them until now.  (I think my days are full during the winter, but then spring hits and there is so much to do outside that I currently feel as though I'm on a hamster wheel.)

I hand quilted (very simply) each of the runners and am happy with the way each of them turned out.

This one is on the "display" shelf of a bookcase unit.

I love the look of cross-hatching so did the whole center of this one that way.

This runner sits on top of a storage cabinet in the kitchen near the back door.  The basket on top (hides most of the runner, doesn't it?) holds materials to go back to the library and mail on its way out.

This is the longest runner (42") and could use a little more quilting on it to really show it off, but I had to call it "done" . . . at least for the time being.

It will go on top of this cabinet where we keep the phone, answering service and usually a plant or seasonal decoration.  Right now, the runner isn't placed where it should be because of plants, and other "stuff" from the living room (which we're in the midst of remodeling) temporarily stored there.

I had all the fabric I used for these runners in my stash and if I had been able to work on them in a timely fashion, they wouldn't have taken very long to complete.  They weren't done for Easter (my first goal) but they're done now and I'll most likely keep them out until Fourth of July decorations replace them.

As soon as our living room is finished, I'm really looking forward to having some time in my quilt room this summer to balance out the gardening, lawn mowing, wood cutting, etc. that keeps me outside so much this time of year.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Three New Table Runners

When I put out my Easter decorations a couple of weeks ago, I realized that I didn't have the quilted table runners I would have liked to place on top of a couple of storage cabinets and a display shelf in the kitchen. And if I had had them, wouldn't it be great if they all were made from the same selection of fabrics so they kinda sorta looked like they matched? Novel idea!

I know I've been keeping myself from starting any new projects, only working on finishing up old projects, but the thought of these new runners just got the better of me.

I pulled some spring-like colors from my stash and decided to make the runners in three different designs but to use the same fabrics in each runner.

All three are now made and sandwiched, but I've only gotten to work on the hand quilting of one of them so far.

I didn't have time tonight to get a better picture showing the quilting on this one I'm working on, but maybe I can when all three are done and ready for a proper show and tell.

Here's the second one.

And the last and biggest one. None of them are complicated designs but I think I'll like them when they are all quilted and bound.

No, they weren't ready for Easter this year, but maybe I'll still be able to get them done to use this spring and early summer. I hope. If you have any extra hours I can use for quilting my little heart out, please send special delivery. Thanks!