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Monday, January 18, 2010

Featured Quilt of the Week - "Barnyard Parade"

This quaint quilt (measuring 39-1/4" x 47") features strips of farm animals marching across the center of it. Cows and chickens and pigs, oh my! What young child isn't fascinated by animals early on?

When I started constructing this quilt I knew I wanted to use a pinwheel block as a border. Those whirly-twirly pinwheels remind me of the windmills
that pumped cold, fresh, clean water up to the animals on farms of days gone by.

When I was very young, one of my favorite things was to go with my grandpa on a ride out into farmland to farmer friends of his, Mr. and Mrs. Bye. There Grandpa would purchase cartons of their chickens' eggs to bring back to town and distribute to the families of his seven grown children.

In my mind, the ride down the dusty roads was always sunny, quiet and idyllic. Grandpa would point out to me all the different animals grazing in the fields, crops growing and which streams were good for fishing.

When we arrived at the farm, there was always a custard pie on the kitchen table (my grandpa's favorite) and we would sit and visit over a piece of pie and a glass of ice cold milk. Sometimes Mr. or Mrs. Bye would take me out to see a litter of new little piglets or baby chicks.

Making this quilt conjured up lots of good memories for me. I like to think that the colors I chose represent the "feel" of farm life.

Even the backing reminds me of a bale of straw. Although I can assure you the soft cotton feels nothing like the prickly straw did!

You can read more about and see other pictures of this quilt on my website,


Sharon said...

Love the pinwheel border on this darling little quilt!

beth said...

I love the quilt and especially liked reading about your childhood memories. I think I could listen to stories like that ALL day long! You have some great stories to tell!

Mama Pea Quilts said...

Hi, Sharon - How kind you are! Thanks.

Hey, Beth - Thank you! I had only the one set of grandparents, but they were wonderful. They both loved children and were happy to have us around. Grandpa was a big-boned, solid man with hands the size of a baseball glove and I can still remember the feel of sliding my hand into his. Good memories!

Jenyfer Matthews said...


I have that backing fabric in blue - love it :)

Mama Pea Quilts said...

Hi, Jen - I had a small piece of the blue, too. There's something about checks . . . especially small checks that I really like.