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Saturday, January 2, 2010

I Stole A Good Idea

A couple of weeks back, my good blogging friend, Beth, over at Love Laugh Quilt, blogged about a cute little quilt she made for hanging on a cupboard handle, or door knob, or some such place for decoration. She had used Christmas fabric and was giving the tiny quilt as a gift.

I've always liked using small, miniature quilts as decorations throughout the house and commented to Beth on what a clever idea hers was for a Christmas gift.

Bless her little, ol' quiltin' heart, a short time later I received an envelope in the mail stuffed with leftover fabrics from her mini quilt project.

I purposefully kept myself from referring back to her post (dated December 14th) for fear I would blatantly copy her too closely.

These are the two little quilts I came up with.

This one measures 8" x 9-3/4"

I had to dig in my stash for the outer border and binding on this one.

Seven and a quarter inches square is what this one measures.

The binding is the only fabric from my stash.

I still have enough focus fabric to squeeze one or possibly two more minis out of it and would like to do so. They were fun to make. (I.e., how to start and finish a quilt in a couple of hours!)

Mine got made too late (obviously) for giving this Christmas . . . but thanks to you, Beth, I've got a running start on next year. Thanks for sharing your idea . . . and fabric!

P.S. I mentioned a day or so ago on my other blog that I was having trouble getting into my e-mail program. Apparently it has been corrupted (whatever the heck that means!) and it's still not working. So if you've sent me a message and haven't heard back, please be patient. If all goes well, I should (eventually) be able to get my messages and reply. (I'm just so thankful all other programs are working!)


beth said...

ooh! they're so cute!! It makes me MORE than happy that you were able to use those little scraps! I'll be happy ALL day long!!

Katy said...

First, love the mini quilts! I haven't done many of those as of yet, but someday!

Also, thank you for your comment over on my blog! It was such a wonderful thing to wake up to this morning!! (yes, late, I know...I wasn't feeling so well yesterday, so I decided to sleep until my body woke up today). It is very inspiring to know that others enjoy what I write, and I'm not just writing to my mom (who I know reads often).

Hope you have a wonderful weekend!


Holly Days Closet said...

OMG they are beautiful now I want to try to make me some I love little quilts and wallhanging it give my a reason to go shoping.
Thanks for shareing.

Mama Pea Quilts said...

Hi, Beth - Even though I didn't "cheat" and go back and look at yours, our little quilts ended up looking a lot alike, didn't they? Fun, fun, fun!

Hey, Katy - I wish we could all find time to comment more often. It's a great way of encouraging one another. And isn't that what blogging is for?

Happy New Year to you, too!

Hi, Holly - When you think of all the great panel and caricature fabrics out there, the possibilities for these little quilts are endless. Go for it!

Valerie said...

Oh I just love these. So is the middle part a panel? I would love to try this but would not know where to start. Any pointers?

Jenyfer Matthews said...

So cute! And I love that check on the binding of the first quilt pictured - I had some of that fabric and eeked it out on as many Christmas projects as I could stretch it to because I loved it so much.