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Thursday, October 1, 2009

Valuable Scraps

Yesterday Beth over at Love Laugh Quilt showed us her scraps that are technically part of her stash but separate, sorted, and very organized. I am impressed. Her scraps are sooo much more organized than mine!

When I finish a project, I put all the leftover pieces (and believe me, when working without a pattern, I frequently end up with a LOT of leftover squares, triangles, strips, etc.) in a baggie and toss the bag in this large plastic box. (Well, at least there's some color coordination in each baggie.)

It also contains orphan blocks. Why do I keep these if I rejected them in the first place? Do I think they'll magically become better looking six months down the road?

What do I plan to do with this huge accumulation of unrelated scraps? Someday when I've used up all the rest of my fabric, we're in the midst of a two-week long blizzard and I can't get out to buy more fabric, I'm going to dive into this box and start combining all the scraps in the most artistic, innovative, and creative way possible and produce a quilt (or two . . . or six?) that will knock my socks off.


'Cept I'll never use up all my fabric. We'll never experience a two-week long blizzard. And there will NEVER be a time when I can't get out to buy more fabric. I'll just keep stuffing my little baggies and tossing them in this box. I mean, I COULDN'T just throw them away!

(It's a wonder I toss these minute little particles.)


beth said...

I loved this post. Someday those scraps will speak to you and you'll know exactly what to do with them! Scraps are WAY to precious to get rid of!

Mama Pea Quilts said...

Hi, Beth - I actually do think I have a couple of quilts in that big box of scraps. But it's sure gonna be a challenge pulling them all together! Challenging . . . but fun!

Jenyfer Matthews said...

I too have an overflowing scrap basket. A few times in the last couple of years I've gone in and cut 3 1/2" squares to make scrappy baby quilts with good results. I'm collecting long strips to try making a clothes line coil bowl (A Fons & Porter project some time ago)

But what about all those tiny triangles? I'm not into working in miniatures so it's unlikely anything will ever get done with them, yet I cannot bring myself to toss them. If I had a wood stove, I'd probably stuff them into empty TP rolls and use them as firestarters! Since I don't, I decided to collect the smallest bits and let my children use them as they wish in art projects - a little glue and they have some fun decorating options :)

Mama Pea Quilts said...

Jenyfer - I LOVE that Fons and Porter clothes line coil bowl! Maybe someday it will work it's way to the top of my Wanna Do list!

Had to laugh at your "fire starter" idea. (Dip them in parafin and you could sell 'em!)

Great idea, though, to give the kiddlies the little scraps . . . so colorful.