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Monday, October 5, 2009

Dead In The Water

Or perhaps more correctly, dead on the design wall.

Here's the little blue and yellow patchwork baby quilt I had such a good running start on. It's sandwiched, pinned and ready for quilting.

The experimental quilting I wanted to try on it involved a decorative stitch made with my computerized sewing machine. The computer part of which seems to be ailing. Like severely.

Remember a couple of weeks back I said I couldn't get the buttonholer to work when I needed to make them on the top of my new fall shower curtain? Yesterday I realized that I can't get any of the decorative stitches to work either. The machine functions perfectly for straight stitching but for anything that needs to be programmed with the computer . . . nada. No go. Won't work. Nuh-uh. Fuggiddaboutit.

Obviously, I need to get this machine in to the shop for repairs. The shop which is roughly 130 miles away. The shop which does repairs only on Thursdays. What I'm going to have to do is plan a trip to the big city on a Thursday as soon as I can wangle it. Hopefully, drop my machine off first thing in the morning, do a day of errands, shopping, etc. and pick it up on the way home later in the day. IF the problem can be solved that easily, of course. Oh, well. I got this machine in early 2002 and haven't had one whit of problem with it up until now . . . and it's been used A LOT so I shall quit my bellyachin' and work around it until it's repaired.

Not that I can't find something else to do. Here's the 8" square block baby quilt almost completely quilted. I went with all-over meandering and am very pleased with the way it's looking. Just a little more to do and I can move on to the binding.

Next project? My daughter has requested a baby quilt to use in the Pack 'N Play she keeps at her house for tiny visitors, and I have the fabric and pattern ready and waiting for a new holiday shower curtain for my bathroom. And, if I looked (not) very hard, I could come up with ten or twelve or twenty other interesting projects to start . . . or, oh yeah, finish.


beth said...

well...i'm so sorry to hear about your sewing machine problems! Patience, patience..huh? I do like the quilting on that last one. You sound like you've been awfully busy! keep up the good work.

Mama Pea Quilts said...

Hi, Beth - I have been getting some more time to work on my quilting . . . at least a lot more than in summer time! . . . but I have this real need to have more. Even with machine hassles (!), quilting is something that gives me so much joy and satisfaction.

Guess that's why we keep quilting, eh?

amandajean said...

I love how the stipple looks on that quilt. It's so very wonderful!!!

Mama Pea Quilts said...

Hi, Amandajean - Thank you for your comment! Yes, there is just something about stippling on a quilt with sharp, straight lines that improves the whole. Plus, it's a (fairly!) fast way to cover a quilt with all-over quilting, isn't it?