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Saturday, October 10, 2009

Boo To Yoo, Too

If today is any indication, three weeks from today (Halloween) is going to require the little ones out trick or treating to be well bundled up!

We awoke to a snow covering this morning and although most of it has melted, we've had a strong breeze all day which has made it feel much colder outside than the temperature says. Downright br-r-r-r!

Time to pull out the Halloween decorations and enjoy their color and novelty for a few weeks.

I saw a picture of this smiley guy in a quilting magazine and even though I didn't have a pattern, it was easy to duplicate using 2" finished blocks. Roy had it hanging in his third grade classroom for several years around Halloween time. Now the punkin face seems to have taken up residence in our bathroom on a wall to the right of the sink.

This simple table runner was made from some scraps from a bigger wall hanging I also made for the classroom. I always thought the same design would have made good Halloween placemats . . . if I'd had enough fabric leftover. Didn't.

Got this bookmark at our local library this week. How cute is that? You can guess what it makes me hungry for . . . and I don't even particularly like the stuff.

All the Halloween decorations are up, the wood stove is crackling away, and there is Wild Rice Soup with Chicken heating up for dinner. Cozy!


beth said...

well, you sure got ME in the mood for the season! My halloween task this year is making a little costume for my 5 year old. I found a cute flower petal headband and I thought it would be fun to make a little skirt with petals. You'll see it on my blog if I get around to it. :)

Mama Pea Quilts said...

Like it or lump it, the ghost and goblin day will be here before we know it.

It would be so much easier and more fun to dress the kiddies for Halloween living where you do. Up here in the frozen tundra, they often have to go as Frosty the Snowman dressed in a snowsuit!

beth said...

you're so right! I never thought about that. I'm such a California girl. Don't know if I could handle that weather you've got. My Mom is from Minnesota and her sisters and brothers still live there. When I visited years ago, the cold air SHOCKED me as we exited the airport terminal. I'll never forget it. :)
I'm such a wimp.