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Thursday, October 29, 2009

New Holiday Shower Curtain

Ta-dah! The top is finished, now for sandwiching and quilting. I thought this actually went together very quickly and easily . . . considering the short amounts of time squeezed in here and there that I spent working on it.

Don't know how the colors look on your individual monitors (I know that's always a problem), but I wanted to try to get a truer representation of the fabrics by taking this picture outside today. Unfortunately, it's been raining like heck all day, and I couldn't coerce my husband into standing on the deck in the downpour to hold it up. So we settled for second best with this slightly wonky shot taken in more or less natural light in our greenhouse-to-be-currently-junk-storage-area. I think the color is a little better than previously posted shots taken in my quilt studio.

The pattern is called "Winter Pines" and it's from the book Mile-A-Minute Quilts by Sharon Hultgren.

I'm really hoping to have it finished so I can hang it for the holidays this year. I'll leave my fall "Flying Geese" curtain up until Thanksgiving is over but would like to have this one ready right after Turkey Day.

The curtain that this new one will replace is the only seasonal shower curtain I've made by "cheating."

Above is a close-up of the fabric. I didn't quilt it at all . . . it's not pieced or quilted. It's a solid piece of fabric I found . . . red, green, snowflakes, and evergreens (perfect!) . . . and liked when I was, no doubt, in a panic situation as to what I was going to use in the bathroom for the holidays. But I've been happy with it and it's served us well for several years.

I think I'll be all the more pleased though to get this new one finished and up. I'm crossing my fingers that it's done on time!


beth said...

wow! you make shower curtains for the holidays! You are amazing! I barely clean my bathrooms...let alone decorate for holidays. :)
That new shower curtain/quilt is beautiful!

Mama Pea Quilts said...

Hi, Beth - Your comment cracked me up. I'd vote for making a shower curtain any day for the bathroom rather than cleaning it!

amandajean said...

it's lovely!!!

Mama Pea Quilts said...

Hi, amandajean - Thank you, ma'am! I think it's gonna hang nicely on the shower rod, too. (At least I hope it will.)