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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Building Bib Inventory

Add ImageWa-hoo, these bibs are fun to make!

I start by picking out an old traditional block pattern and make it in a 6" size. Then I add a bottom, two sides and top to form the basic bib shape. Making them gives me the chance, if I wish, to experiment with blocks I've never pieced before. Sometimes, I find a particular block doesn't go together easily and I make a note that this wouldn't be one I'd want to repeat forty or fifty times for a full sized quilt.

Of course, the reverse is true, too. I'm finding blocks that I like piecing and that appeal to me visually. They give me all kinds of ideas for new quilt patterns and lay outs.

I get to play with a variety of fun fabrics and can finish a whole project (one bib) in a short time. Not quite instant, but still gratification!

After the front of the bib is constructed, I pick out a coordinating fabric for the back. It gets sandwiched with batting and the front, and then the quilting can begin.

Lastly, I attach a snap fastener at the top and . . . one more bib to add to the collection that will eventually be listed on my website. These really are fun to make.


Katidids said...

THOSE ARE SO CUTE!!!!! Oh, I wish I had a little that needed one or a need for a upcoming gift ...your opening a Etsy shop?

wishes, true and kind said...

What a great way to experiment or make use of an orphan block. Very clever!

Jenyfer Matthews said...

Don't smack me, but I think I like the backs better than the fronts!! That fabric is so so cute! Sure to be a popular item - and I'll bet you could get them some display space in one (of the many) local shops in your area.

beth said...

They're cute and do look like they'd be fun to make!!

Mama Pea Quilts said...

Hi, Katie - No, no Etsy shop. I have a website off of which I sell my baby quilts and am going to add these bibs soon. (www.mamapeaquilts.com)

Hey, Joan - Thank you, ma'am!

Ohferpete'ssakes, Jen! Good thing you are a couple of continents away or I might smack you! (When you have your next little one (!), you can put all of yours on ONLY reverse side out!) When I was working for Crystal's Log Cabin Quilting, she offered them for sale there and we sold many of them. This time I'm trying to eliminate the middle man.

Hi, Beth - Thanks for the nice words.