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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

No Brain Cells Left

Boy, whadda mind! I totally forgot I still had to quilt my new holiday shower curtain before being able to hang it. (I seem to remember saying I wanted to get it up right after Thanksgiving, didn't I?)

Yesterday I put it up on my design wall to roughly fit the muslin backing for size.

Oooops. Guess who doesn't have enough muslin left on her bolt? Dang. And did I purchase another bolt to have on hand as a back-up? Nope.

Well, no problem. There's a plastic liner on the shower side of the curtain so it's not like the backing is ever going to even be seen. So who cares what the backing looks like? I scrounged up extra pieces of beige colored fabric and made this ugly backing.

(I know you come here for the really pretty pictures you can ooh and ahh over.)

Now I'll stitch the two big pieces together, right sides facing, like a pillowcase, leaving just enough of a space open to turn it. Then I'll press it well and pin it all together with quilting pins. (No batting in this one.) Then I can quilt it . . . which is gonna take some time. Oh, well. I don't have anything else to do this time of year. (Cough, choke, sputter, gasp . . . )


beth said...

Who is EVER going to see the back of that curtain?? YOU, when you wash it...maybe! I do this kind of thing all the time...I just don't tell anyone:) I would much rather use what I have than run to buy more of something. :)

Mama Pea Quilts said...

You're so right, Beth. And I know once it's quilted and hung, I probably will never even think about the "ugly" backing!

Melissa said...

What a beautiful design with the trees on it! Are you going to make one to sell?

Mama Pea Quilts said...

Hi, Melissa - No, it's illegal to "sell for profit" any quilt that is made from a published pattern which this one is. You can give it away, or gift it, or keep for your own use, but can't sell it. :o( I think there are circumstances that you can make one from a pattern for raffling off, too . . . but it may have to be for a non-profit organization.