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Saturday, December 5, 2009

On My Design Wall

Blast and dang. As the days of December march on, I feel the possibility of time in my quilt studio slipping away from me.

I woke up too early yesterday morning (low capacity bladder) and couldn't fall back to sleep so got up and got a couple of unexpected hours of quilting in . . . which was nice.

Then this morning, the night owl who sleeps next to me needed a couple of extra hours of sleep after I got up (I had conked out before 9 PM last night) and I didn't want to make any noise to wake him so I headed for the quilt studio at the other end of the house for more early morning work.

I decided to reward myself for getting the checkbook balanced and up-to-date (a job I hate because numbers do weird things in my presence) so I got a couple more hours in this afternoon on my latest baby quilt.

This is basically a scrappy 9-patch, I suppose. I think it will end up three blocks across and four down. Don't know yet whether I'll put any kind of an outer border on it or just finish off with the binding. It's looking like it's gonna be fairly good sized just as is.

As I say, other holiday type things are calling to me daily so who knows when this will progress any farther. My metabolism doesn't allow me too many early, early mornings in which to quilt because then by 6:00 at night I'm totally worthless. Gotta get those long nights of beauty sleep, ya know.


beth said...

wow! you have quite a collection of scrappy whites! I love this one...of course I always love those 9 patches!

Jenyfer Matthews said...

Love it! And I too have been getting up much earlier than usual lately. I end up working on my computer because it's quiet and the internet is oh-so-much faster. The best thing about getting up early is that I'm able to get some "must-do" stuff done early and clear time in the afternoon to squeeze in some quilting.

Mama Pea Quilts said...

Hi, Beth - And I used some of my white/neutral scraps right down to nothing! I'm always sad to see the last of a fabric go. Some of them can't be found anymore. But I just have to remember that there are lots of fabrics out there that I'll like just as well! (Wanna go shopping?)

Hey, Jenyfer - There are many mornings when I'd like to work on the computer immediately upon getting up but my desk (and therefore computer) is in the bedroom (BAD, I know) so that's not an option if husband is still trying to get a few more winks.

If we can manage to get our remodeling done this coming summer, the desk and computer will be leaving the bedroom. Hurray!

Diane said...

Love the 9 patch! It is so bright and happy looking!

Mama Pea Quilts said...

Thanks, Diane! I've got the top all pieced now and about 7/8th together. Just a little more time and I can get it sandwiched.