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Monday, November 30, 2009

Featured Quilt of the Week

Good Morning and Happy Monday! Each Monday I'm going to be featuring one of the baby quilts I have for sale on my website. You might also want to check the website for the new December "seasonal blurb" in the right hand column of the Home Page. I know we still have one more day of November left but with the Thanksgiving Weekend finally over, it SEEMS like it should be December today!

Okay, on to the Featured Quilt of the Week:


When I first started working on this quilt, it was to be for the expected first child of a dear friend. They didn't know the sex of the baby so I decided I'd just make it bright and colorful which would be suitable for either a little boy or girl.

Then as the quilt top grew on my design wall, I realized I had to make it longer than I had planned in order for the pattern to look good. But that was fine, it would just be a little larger than I had originally intended. About the time I was finishing the top, the little babe was born . . . a beautiful girl.

Hmmm. Okay, these colors would be fine for a toddler, boy OR girl, but for a newborn, little girl baby? Darn. Now I found myself wishing for something a little softer and more feminine in color.

But all was well because I was very happy with the way the quilt top looked and knew I still wanted to finish it. So I kept working on it.

Since the measurements of the top now indicated that it would be big enough for a toddler, I decided to use batting that would be poofy and more like a comforter. Just the perfect quilt to snuggle under on the couch for an afternoon nap. I doubled high-loft polyester batting . . . and then wondered (uh-oh) if I would have trouble quilting it because of the volume. But (whew!) it quilted like a dream and turned out really well.

Finished size of this baby quilt is 38-1/2" x 55-1/4" and will be a complete cover in a crib and yet ample on a toddler's bed. All my quilts are completely washable and dry-able lending them to years of loving use.

Little baby girl mentioned above? Of course, she got her quilt, too. A modified Irish Chain done in pastel 30s reproduction fabrics. I think she liked it.


beth said...

I'm sure the little baby girl and mommy loved the 30's quilt! This one is great too! Hope it finds a happy home!

Mama Pea Quilts said...

Morning, Beth - Last thing I knew, the mommy wasn't "using" the 30s quilt . . . just displaying it over the end of the crib. Which doesn't make me too happy, because I want my quilts to be used and well-loved by the little ones. But I'm also complimented that the mommy thought "it was too nice to use." (I think.)

Thanks for the nice words regarding "Dream in Color."