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Thursday, December 3, 2009

Jumping on the Apron Bandwagon

There are so many cute apron patterns that are popular these days. One that I've been wanting to make for a while is the "Lilly Apron" by Busy Bee Quilt Designs (www.busybeequiltdesigns.com). And if anybody should get into the habit of wearing an apron when in the kitchen, it's me. You wouldn't believe how many articles of good clothing I've ruined with cooking stains.

Right before Thanksgiving I finally took the time to make this one up.

Easy to make and comfortable to wear. (Does this apron make my butt look big?)

When my daughter saw me wearing it on Thanksgiving Day, the first thing she said was, "Oh, please make me one like that for Christmas!"

Actually, truth be told, that was the second thing she said. The first was, "You really look pregnant in that." I didn't care, didn't bother me a bit. As I say, it's a comfy apron and I wore it all day!

I'm even thinking of making a couple more and wearing them regularly to save my wardrobe from bad things that happen in the kitchen. Sounds like a good plan.


beth said...

I love to wear aprons! AND I like yours! I was going to make a new one for myself for the holidays...then I saw a very cute one for $8...so I bought it!! Maybe I'll post about it sometime.

Claire said...

Please! It's a pregnant style, but YOU definitely do not look pregnant! It is very cute. I will forward you an email I just got from Jill today on aprons....too long to put here!

amandajean said...

i have ruined many clothes in the kitchen, too. i need to become an apron person. (but i don't need any help LOOKING like i'm pregnant, unfortunately. hee hee.)

Mama Pea Quilts said...

Hey, Claire - Fun to see those apron patterns. No thanks (I'll pass) for those itty-bitty cinched in waists on the aprons! I'm more comfortable in my "pregnant" one!

Mama Pea Quilts said...

amandajean - But maybe one of these Lilly aprons would camouflage your baby bump! But who would want to? You spend a lot of years NOT being pregnant so flaunt it while you can! (And take all the help and attention you can get!)

Mama Pea Quilts said...

Hi, Beth - This particular apron called for 2 yds. of fabric (nice chunk left over though) so you know it cost more than $8! Sounds like your new one was a bargain. Of course, I'd love to see a picture of it on your blog.

Melissa said...

Aprons are a must in the kitchen. I am the only one in the extended family that wears one. When our kids have friends over they comment about my aprons, because they obviously don't have apron wearin' mamas. Why did such a handy piece of clothing go out of style? Now wouldn't it be fun to make a retro version? I like yours Mama Pea, especially the nice big bow in the back. Enjoy!

Mama Pea Quilts said...

Melissa - Thanks for the kind words and the encouragement toward getting back to wearing aprons. I just may do it!

P.S. Only problem with the bow is that it's impossible to tie yourself!

Natasha said...

I love it! What a cute pattern, I might have to have one especially since my dauther's name is Lilli!

Mama Pea Quilts said...

Hi, Natasha - Welcome and thanks for commenting. (Soooo nice to receive comments, isn't it? Makes me feel like I'm part of the great quilting world out there!)

Yep, I think you definitely need to make one of these aprons . . . and we all need to start wearing aprons to save our clothes!