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Sunday, November 1, 2009

Sunday Design Wall

Stayed up quilting maybe a little later than I should have last night (with the company of a glass of a good wine) but that enabled me to get the top completed today. (This is the baby quilt my daughter asked me to make.) Now at 4 PM, I'm being assaulted with one jaw-cracking yawn after another.

The solid gold fabric looks more orange-y in the photo than it really is. Had to take the picture on the design wall rather than out in our greenhouse where I seem to be able to get truer color representation. (Couldn't talk the dog into holding up the quilt top out there . . . and my main holder-upper [husband] was involved elsewhere.)

I had originally picked out a gorgeous blue for the center square of each 9-patch and the outer border setting triangles, but my daughter thought it would make the quilt look too specifically little boy-ish, so we switched to the gold keeping it more neutral in color.

But I keep thinking about that blue . . . so pretty . . . and I have quite a few squares left over that I cut for the 9-patches. I may have to make another one in a little different layout and use that blue fabric.

Okay, I'm going to try to get it backed and sandwiched tomorrow and then on with the quilting.


Diane said...

This is beautiful! love the colors and the patern... just love it!

beth said...

well, that "mustard" color is great. One of my favorites!!

Mama Pea Quilts said...

Hi, Diane - I'm so glad you commented . . . because now I've found your blog! Hope to find time later to check things out more thoroughly.

Hey, Beth - I'd like the orange/mustard/gold a lot, lot more if I didn't have that blue color stuck in my head. Funny how we zero in on something and then can't think of anything else!