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Friday, November 27, 2009

The Little Things In Life

Good thing I'm not a shopper because I'm not sure I would have the energy or stamina to gird my loins and join the masses searching out the best buys today.

I was so tired when I got into bed last night that it didn't even feel good to finally stretch out and relax. Ever feel that way? It wasn't that Thanksgiving Day wasn't a pleasant one with family and friends, it's just that there seems to be so much advance preparation involved for days (and days and days) beforehand. (Heck, I even dusted baseboards!)

There were just six of us here yesterday. Well, six people and four dogs. Fortunately, none of the dogs are used to being fed from the table (ba-a-a-a-d habit to start) so they were well-behaved. (There were periods when one could hardly navigate across the room because of sprawled dog bodies on the floor, however.) Anyway, there was an hour or so before the turkey came out of the oven that we were all sitting chatting. The guys got onto the topic of hunting (deer season ended here last weekend) and didn't even seem to notice the presence of females in the room, so we started our own good conversation.

But the thing that I liked best was the fact that all three of us women are handworkers. Very Pregnant Lady (so pregnant we didn't know if we might be taking her dinner up to her in the hospital) was well into crocheting a beautiful afghan. Chicken Mama (our daughter) was putting the finishing touches on little hats she's crocheting for a friend's children's Christmas picture. I was doing the quilting on little, tiny "quilts" I'll tie on Christmas packages and then that could be used for tree ornaments.

When I got the idea to do these a month or so ago . . . who knows, it could have been three months ago the way time goes by so fast . . . I made the one up to see if it was going to work. Pleased with the results, I cut and pieced these few more.

Each one measures 2-1/2" to 3" square.

I'm doing just a minimal amount of quilting on each one.

I have one more to quilt after the one I'm working on. Then binding on all of them, adding the cord hanging loop, and I'll be done.

In the past I've knitted miniature stockings, caps, and bells to use in the same way and I've gotta say these are going MUCH faster. Or maybe it just seems that way because I love quilting so much?

P.S. Over on my personal blog I posted about a hand knit shawl I just received as a gift. It's pretty unique as the knitted pattern resembles quilt blocks. You might want to take a peek at it.


beth said...

I love your little quilts! What a nice addition to your gifts! AND, I had to laugh....I ALSO dusted the baseboards! Not something I do very often either!!

Chicken Mama said...

You know, having (re?)discovered crocheting has been SUCH an enjoyment for me! I LOVE having something that is SO portable and which I can pull out for just 15 minutes of passing-the-time in a waiting room. That, too, was a joy I noticed yesterday.

When The Pregnant One came up to visit that one day last week, I commented to her, as we were both sitting in the library crocheting & talking, "You know? You are the ONLY girlfriend I have EVER done this with! NONE of my other girlfriends do handwork like this!" It's something I REALLY enjoy. Must harken back to . . . SOMEthing in our (History of Women) past.

Mama Pea Quilts said...

Hi, Beth - Both of us dusting baseboards? Heavens, what is happening? Next thing you know we'll be up on chairs trying to corral those webs of stringy dust in the corners by the ceiling! ;o)

Chicken Mama - Creating something with your own hands is so satisfying. Doesn't matter if you're a candle maker, blacksmith, knitter, basket weaver, or potter. Having a skill, becoming a real crafts(wo)man, knowing (remembering?) how to work with our hands leads to self-sufficiency and being able to take care of one's self in so many ways. (End of sermonizing.)

beth said...

oh no! did you see me doing that too? (ceiling cobwebs). Do you have a hidden camera over here in sunny southern calif.? :)

MaineCelt said...

Ooh, yes...quilting and blacksmithing...now THERE'S a combo of skills I'd like to have!

I have quilts from my grandmother and great grandmother, so I know that skillset may very well be lurking in my bones... but I've also heard a family story about someone--a great-great uncle, I believe--who was a fine blacksmith. For his master-piece (the piece used to demonstrate that one had moved beyond the journeyman's level of skill), he forged an iron covered wagon and a matching team of horses that were his daughters' toys for years afterward. I've always wished I could see these pieces--they're supposed to be in a museum somewhere in Eastern Washington State.

Yep...wanna take me a blacksmithing class, one of these days!

Mama Pea Quilts said...

MaineCelt - Oh, I so envy you having family quilts in your possession! I know of nary a quilter in my family's history. What treasures those quilts must be.

Can't quite imagine forging something as intricate as a covered wagon and team of horses! How many people alive today do you think could do that?

Yup, I think you SHOULD take some blacksmithing classes. You'd make one fine blacksmith. Blacksmithess?

Jenyfer Matthews said...

I made some little ornaments one year - secret garden - which finished about 2x2. More fabric folding, but no binding required. Hmmm...If only I had thought of that sooner this year :)

I have a couple of family quilts, one from each side, but they are in storage right now. Fingers crossed they aren't rotting!

Mama Pea Quilts said...

Hi, Jen - Do you have any of those little ornaments you made left? Would love to see them on your blog. No binding required . . . hmmm, I might like to try them.

Jenyfer Matthews said...

But of course - We decorated yesterday and they are hanging on the tree now.