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Monday, November 9, 2009

Coolin' My Heels

Because as soon as I finish one little task I'm usually on to the next without even thinking, I hardly ever find myself having to "kill time." But you've found me in a rare situation with a few minutes to spare, and I don't want to get involved with anything new because I'm waiting for the arrival of my daughter.

We have a date this morning to take pictures of the last three baby quilts I want to get up on my website before we "go public."

I want to sell my baby quilts online and since dear daughter is a website designer . . . she's been coerced into doing that aspect of the job for me. Seems like we've been working on this little (LITTLE? Ha! Chortle. Snort. Pa-shaw!) project FOREVER. On the other hand, we're both perfectionists and want everything to be juuust right before the grand unveiling.

The above is a picture of one of the three quilts we'll be photographing today. It's nice sized, 41-1/2" x 53-1/2", and I hope it finds a happy home with brand new bundle of joy soon.


beth said...

very cute quilt. good luck on your business venture!! so nice of your daughter to help!

Diane said...

This is beautiful! Love the colors and the design and looks like you quilted the inside of the white squares? That looks so cool!

Mama Pea Quilts said...

Beth - Thanks for the good luck wish. Once I'm up and going, you'll probably get sick of hearing about it!

Diane - Thank you, ma'am. Yes, I did quilt a smaller square inside each of the white blocks. My daughter's photos on the website will show the quilts in more detail . . . thankfully! Photographer I am not!