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Sunday, November 15, 2009

"Swedish" Baby Quilt

I haven't decided on a name for this little baby quilt yet so I've been thinking of it as my "Swedish" baby quilt. (Blue and yellow? Sweden's colors?)

This was the one I was waiting to quilt after I got my machine fixed. I quilted it using the machine blanket stitch (in the ditch) and it worked out well.

It's hard to see the blanket stitching on these pictures, especially on some of the printed fabrics.

A very square, grid effect shows up on the backing which is pale yellow with a light, white dot on it.

This quilt is 40" x 44" and would be a super gift for a little baby boy, dontcha think?


Karen Sue said...

Your daughter just sent me over here. And I'm just starting to look, but I have to ask...machine quilting...you have a walking foot or what are you using?? I've never machine quilted, but I really like the look on this swedish quilt of the blanket stitch and wondering if I can do this without a walking foot. I hate to bunch it up now. I've done babies by hand in the past and big ones either tied or had someone else quilt them..one by hand, one on the machine. Too many things and not enough time.

Diane said...

Super cute! Glad to hear the machine is back in tip top shape!

Mama Pea Quilts said...

Hi, Karen Sue - I'd really encourage you to get a walking foot. You can do free-motion quilting on your machine with a "darning foot" but to do any kind of straight stitching or decorative stitch, you'll need a walking foot or the fabric and batting will scrunch all up and you'll have terrible folds and puckers. A walking foot is really a magical attachment. To do any decorative stitching on a quilt (like the blanket stitch on this one), I do it with my walking foot.

I kinda wish I could afford to send all my quilts out to be quilted . . . but too darn expensive and then the quilt isn't truly yours either, is it?

You'll love all you can do with a walking foot.

Mama Pea Quilts said...

Hey, Diane - You and me both! Regarding having my machine back and functioning. I feel like I'm at full capabilities now! :o)

Jenyfer Matthews said...

So pretty! I love blue and yellow together. I made my daughter a blue and yellow and white Ohio Star baby quilt when I was pregnant with her. So cheerful!

Mama Pea Quilts said...

Jenyfer - Thank you! What is it about blue and yellow? You can hardly miss anytime you put them together? Does you daughter still have the Ohio Star quilt?

Jenyfer Matthews said...

Oh yes indeed - she's nine now and still uses it from time to time. Just fits from bottom of pillow to foot of a twin bed (little to no overhang on the sides) and it makes a dandy couch throw :)