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Monday, September 21, 2009

My Design Walls

Judy Laquidara of Patchwork Times invited those of us who have design walls to put a comment on her blog and then write a post about them on our own blog.

It's been fun and informative to read and see the pictures that other people have posted so I'm adding my two cents worth here.

When I designed my small quilting studio, I made the decision to sacrifice both a small wall and a large wall that I could have used for storage to design walls. And I've never been sorry I did so.

The small area is floor to ceiling (7 feet high) and only 5 feet wide but it's always full of "stuff" . . . usually a work in progress and sometimes notes, e-mails, and announcements that I want to keep track of.

Except for the doorway, the large design wall takes all of one wall of my quilt studio being floor to ceiling and a smidge over 7 feet wide. I can (almost) get all the (unpieced) blocks for a full-sized quilt up on this wall.

Both walls are a fiberboard that is porous enough to easily stick pins into but strong enough for the pins to stay secure when holding up even a heavy quilt.

With my husband's help, I stretched white flannel on both walls stapling the flannel at the top, bottom and sides. Then we put molding strips over the staples. A full-sized quilt top will easily stick to the flannel and, of course, blocks and other pieces are no problem at all.

I don't know how I ever survived when I was quilting at the kitchen table and had no design wall at all. (I did a lot of laying blocks out on the floor and then standing on a chair and hanging out over the layout [very awkwardly, I might add], trying to see what it looked like.)

After sandwiching a quilt, I'll frequently leave it on the design wall for days (sometimes weeks!) until inspiration hits me as how to quilt the piece. I wanted to have enough design wall space so I could have several works in progress on the wall(s) at once and having that sure does come in handy.

Finally having my very own quilting studio/room is something I'm grateful for every day. And I love my design wall space!

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