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Friday, September 11, 2009

A Happy/Sad Day

Today is a very sad day because my most favorite quilt shop in the whole world (speaking as someone who has worldly experience . . . which I do not) is closing. (I'm actually kinda surprised at how totally bereft this is making me feel!)

On the other hand, the retiring owner is holding a fabulous sale on everything in the shop for the rest of the month. Happy, happy day! I truly have bought very little fabric for over a year (yes, I've been very good and have been diligently working on my stash) but today, I went shopping. Did I get a little carried away? No, I don't really think so. Actually, I kept my purchases pretty much to basics. Next time I go back before the closing (and there WILL be a next time), I'm getting some fun stuff!

A quick run-down on the loot I came home with today.

I stocked up on neutrals, mostly white-on-whites which I find myself using in 30's prints baby quilts quite a bit. And a couple of beige/ecru neutrals, too.

Two pieces of black print fabric. True, these are rarely used in baby quilts, but I frequently throw in some black when making other quilts.

These are flannel fat quarters . . . two for the price of one. I've been wanting to purchase an assortment like this for ages. What's it for? Okay, maybe you can't count this as a "basic." The fabric is for a ragged edge dog bed cover that's been on my wanna-do list for a couple of years. (Maybe our dog would deem this basic?)

Two pieces I'll definitely use in baby quilts. These fabrics are similar, one white and one yellow and are a small confetti print that will fit in a lot of places.

I'm on a kick where I just adore polka dots for bindings. Therefore, the two pictured above.

This snowman print jumped right into my hands, along with the two coordinating fabrics. I think I may add a medium/dark solid blue also. A baby quilt made with a Snowball Block? We'll see.

I am drawn to green and orange together although it's not always the easiest to pull off. I knew I had several fabrics here at home (also pictured) that would go well with the flowers on the green background fabric I bought today.

Now you can guess what I want to do for the next three or four weeks straight. Get busy and immerse myself in all this wonderful, new fabric!


beth said...

my favorite: That green with flowers....so pretty!
i'm so sorry the shop is closing. That song...you don't know what ya got till it's gone...runs through my mind.

Mama Pea Quilts said...

Hi, Beth - You hit that one right on the button . . . we have so many things in our lives that we should learn to acknowledge and be appreciative of each day. There are really so, so many of them.