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Saturday, March 27, 2010

Stop World, I Wanna Quilt!

I have been such a bad blogger lately. I can blame it partly on our very unusually warm spring weather up here in northeastern Minnesota. Most years we'd be still at least knee-deep in snow at this time of year but because of the scant amount of snow received over winter, and early warm temperatures, the ground has been bare for weeks now and we've been deceived into thinking spring has truly arrived early.

This has all coaxed us to get outside to get a jump-start on spring chores which, of course, means piddling little time found for quilting right now. Today was the first nasty weather day (rain/snow/sleet/hail) we've had in over three weeks.

To have something to share with you today, I'll have to rely on a little table mat I made a while back when I wanted something to go with my Easter decorations.

I was also in a period when I was making full-sized quilts, baby quilts, and wall hangings using traditional Log Cabin blocks. (But when you get right down to it, does any other block say QUILTING more than the Log Cabin Block? I think not!)

This little piece is only about 12" square and made from scraps that I thought looked both spring-like and said "Easter" to me. I wish I had a bunch in various sizes just like this one to use under plants and other Easter decorations throughout the house.

Maybe someday when I'm caught up on everything else, I can make some more. (Hahahahaha!)


Erin said...

My favorite style! This is the pattern my mom used to make the hand sewn quilt I had on my bed my whole childhood. She made it out of all my old baby/little girl dresses so it's random fabrics but oh-so-familiar and comforting! She still has it and won't give it to me, lol! I think sometimes she still thinks of me as a teenager that won't take care of it - but I guess the last time I lived with her, I was! Speaking of, here's a good one: she no longer cans, but won't give me my grandmother's old tomato strainer with wooden pestle. She said "that's an heirloom for canning tomatoes"... to which I replied, "but I can tomatoes!!" One day she will visit during canning season and I will put her to work hand squeezing all those tomatoes the way I do and maybe she will realize I am actually 39 years old now and will put grandma's stuff to good use to carry on the tradition! Thanks for brightening my morning with the Log Cabin Pattern, certainly gives me warm fuzzy memories...

Mama Pea Quilts said...

Oh, Erin, you gave ME warm fuzzies talking about your childhood quilt!

I have one of those tomato strainers with the wooden pestle! It was hubby's mother's and I treasure it! Another "too bad" that we don't live close by . . . we could share it. (Until you can convince your mom to give you hers!!)

beth said...

I think you're right about that log cabin block. It will always be favorite of quilters and will NEVER go out of style. The modern girls have changed it a bit with their wonky blocks, but what a classic!

Mama Pea Quilts said...

Hi, Beth - And when you think of all the variations of the basic Log Cabin Block and ways of putting them together, I think a person could spend a lifetime making quilts without ever using another block! (Gosh, what a thought!)