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Thursday, March 29, 2012

The Quilt Patterns Are Going To . . .

Stephanie! I was so happy to have ten of you enter your names for the drawing for the three quilt patterns. I wasn't sure if there were enough of you out there following this blog to have more than two names to draw from! Thanks to all of you who were interested enough to comment.

But back to our winner . . . Stephanie, if you will send me your mailing address via the Contact button on my other blog, A Homegrown Journal, I'll get the patterns in the mail to you asap. (My "e-mail me" button on this blog is not currently working. Gotta get that fixed!)

Now here are some pictures of the baby quilt I recently finished.

I did all straight-line quilting on this one and am happy with the finished look.

The block is a variation (of which there are a few) of the very old block Four Patch. Easy to piece and attractive when put into a quilt with a little color switcheroo!

The quilt lines show up well on the back.

I really like this sweet little striped fabric I used for the backing. It reminds me of old-fashioned pillow ticking.

The lavender and white colors might be okay for a little boy baby, but I'm thinking a little more suitable for a little girl, don'tcha think?

Finished size of this quilt is 42" x 46" and the block size is 6".

I used Evelyn Sloppy's pattern (with a slight variation) for this quilt which appears in her book, "40 Fabulous Quick-Cut Quilts." She did it in red and white and called it "Peppermint Twist." It was easy and fun to do.

So what am I working on today as it's Thursday in Mama Pea's Quilt Room?

Yupper, yet another UFO. But a UFO with a problem. Or I should say problems. (The annoying bright green squares on the quilt are block and row markers. As I go on here, you'll understand why I need them.) I had the whole top for this full-sized quilt pieced when I noticed a portion of one of the blocks in the third row turned the wrong way. Arrrgh. I had the center of the quilt ripped out (whadda mess) when something came up and I decided to pack the whole thing away and deal with it later.

Well, later has come so I started in on repairs this morning. Got the mistake rectified . . . only to find another one. (Apparently I must have been well into my second glass of joy-juice when I was originally piecing this one.) Fixed the new found mistake and just a few minutes ago when I was taking the above picture, I saw (good grief!) ANOTHER mistake. (Can you spot it?) Getting this top right may be a loooong process, Folks. I know I've never had to do so much ripping on any other quilted piece. (It's just a good thing I'm a stubborn, bull-headed Taurus or the whole thing might end up in the trash.)

But nevertheless, that's what I'm working on today. And I'd better get back in to it before I come up with another excuse to pack it away for a while longer.


Erin said...

Oh, you are GOOD! I would cry, and then I would just keep on with the pieces wrong and pack it in the closet LOL. I hate ripping stuff out. I love that lavender color on the quilt. Congrats, Stephanie on your new patterns!

Sparkless said...

I think the color would be good for a boy or a girl. I mean really, colors don't have genders for goodness sakes! My daughter work tons of her big brothers baby hand me downs. People thought she was a boy for a couple years but it didn't do her any harm.
I can't see any mistakes in your quilt. I think it looks pretty good even with the mistake.

Karen L. said...

Oh shoot! I missed your giveaway. I have been MIA from reading your blogs for several days. Oh well, it's not like I need more patterns .... just like I don't need more fabric. Ha! Really, you can never be too thin, too rich, or have too much fabric. Right? By the way, I do so love you July 4th flags. My Dad was born on the 4th of July so I think this would be a great project for me too. Oh no ..... another project!!!! Save me from myself!

Carolyn Renee said...

THIS is one of the reasons I'm so hesitant to start quilting.....between this "ripping out" post and the things I've seen my mom re-do and rip out make even ME want to pull my hair out!

Stephanie said...

Thanks so much Mama Pea, although now I am scared after what you just posted lol. Can't wait to try my hand at it, and I just ADORE that lilac quilt at the beginning of your post!

judy said...

to Karen,my dad was born on the 4th of July too( but 1903,a little bit back)boy ,what lucky babies,to recieve these . I still have a homemade quilt my aunt Violet made for my kids and passed down to every gran child. they still look great

Karen L. said...

MP, Forgot to mention that your star in a star quilt is absolutely gorgeous. I do love how the colors have come together. You seem to have an eye for color and contrast. Did I tell you that already?

To Judy: My 4th of July born Dad (1917) used to always brag about how the whole country celebrated his birthday. I was always so jealous because my birthday was 11 days later.

Lisa said...

I think your lavender and white quilt is absolutely lovely....LOVE the back fabric! Were you nervous to straight-line quilt against the stripes? That would scare me to death that I would get 'off' and make everything look crooked. You did a perfect job!

...and your other quilt...What mistake? Are you sure there's a mistake in there? I like the colors and pattern of this one too. Does this pattern have a name?

....and congratulations to Stephanie!

....one more thing....since I'm late and this is now the next Thursday....I hope this finds you happily working away in your quilting room.

Mama Pea Quilts said...

Erin - I hope it doesn't sound like bragging, but I usually don't have to rip a lot so I figure the ripping I've done on this quilt should be my quota for a year! (Ha! If only!)

Sparkless - I feel the same way you do . . . color-schmolor! A little baby doesn't care if she/he wears pink or blue!

Karen L. - My daughter was born on the 5th of July which she claims is terribly anticlimactic! I always tell her I tried my best to get her out on the 4th but just couldn't do it!

CR - Aw, ripping out is good for ya. It always teaches you a lesson of what NOT to do next time!

Stephanie - Thank you very much! Now the rest of us will put the pressure on you to start quilting. (Not really, we'll be nice, I promise!)

judy - Aunt Violet must have been a very good quilter!

Lisa - I have always loved striped fabric for some reason but continue to get myself in trouble using it! When will I learn? My straight line stitching on the stripes is not perfect but doesn't look too bad.

The one block in the quilt on the design wall is Star in a Star and I think the other one is a derivation of Indian Star which probably has a name, but I don't know what it is!

I'm not in my quilt room today as we're working on the living room ceiling. I'm on my lunch break right now!

Betsy said...

Just found your blog. Love your quilts!!!

Mama Pea said...

Betsy - Thank you very much! As you may have noticed, I've (temporarily?) discontinued my posts on this blog. I simply have not had much of any time for my quilting in ever so long. And, boy, do I ever miss it!