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Friday, March 9, 2012

Oh, I'm Being So Good!

I can hardly believe it, but I'm still working on UFOs that have been UFOs forever. Even though I have about two or three hundred projects lined up that I would just LOVE to start, I've been a good girl in sticking with finishing some of the multitude of half done projects (how does that happen?) that have been languishing in my quilt studio for far too long.

Yesterday was one heckuva botched day as far as it being my "quilting day." If you want to read about it, hop on over to my other blog, A Homegrown Journal, and you'll see what I mean. There's another little craft project I've been working on pictured there also.

Because of not much quilting getting done yesterday, I took this afternoon, went into that fabric lined room and shut the door.

Except for the hand sewing on the binding, I finished this quilt I was working on last week. I'll show you more of it after the binding is done.

I had thought of doing some meandering or stippling on this quilt, but ended up quilting squares in the plain parts of the blocks instead. I don't know if it shows up enough for you to see that part in this picture.

Then I started the quilting on this top I had finished (again) long ago. At least I knew how I wanted to quilt this one. I just had never gotten around to doing it. (The white circle in the top of the center of the quilt is a quilting template.)

At first I made it as a baby quilt. Then I started thinking of it as a lap quilt. Today I realized it might fit in the space on a wall of my "new" kitchen where I've been putting up seasonal wall hangings. We shall see if I've changed my mind again by the time it's done.


Carolyn Renee said...

I vote for Seasonal Wall Hanging....it's so neat to be able to have a place to hang different art pieces as the seasons change, and you never get bored of the same thing as it's changing all the time.

Wendy said...

I agree that a seasonal wall hanging would be a great idea for this little quilt. So glad you were able to have some quilting time.

judy said...

well I only live a few hours away by road but if I fly like by[ as the crow flies],I'll be there shortly and you can teach me how to do this--lol .I'm mad at myself I didn't take the time when my others sisters [ the ones that quilted ] when they were still alive ,to teach me. I know goggle it ,its not the same

Karen L. said...

Nice work! You are really getting some serious (and lovely I might add) quilting done. Wish you could put some of that "good girl" stuff (only working on UFOs)in a pill and send it my way. I have more 1/3, 1/2, 2/3, and 3/4 started projects in my sewing room than I care to discuss. And I won't even mention all the quilt magazines saved and books bought for "someday quilts". Seems like every time I decide to finish several, something pops up that requires another quilt .... such as a new baby on it's way. I had hoped that this year would be different. Not to be. I like the seasonal wall hanging idea too. I am actually trying to make that happen in my house. Plus I have a table top quilt frame that I am trying to make seasonal and holiday 12" blocks for so I can change them out. See ..... I'll never get the UFOs done. Well, things could be worse. I could have nothing to do but sit around watching TV and eating bonbons ..... although the bonbons part is not bad except for the expanding waist that it causes.

Stephanie said...

Such beautiful colors!!

Leigh said...

I love the idea of it as a wall hanging and seasonal is a great way to rotate treasures! Any whichaway (baby, lap, hanging) it definitely qualifies as a treasure.

judy said...


Mama Pea Quilts said...

CR - Some people have called me crazy but I've always decorated for the seasons and holidays. Different wall hangings, different quilts out, different pictures on the walls. This particular quilt doesn't "say" any season or holiday, but sometimes I do need an "inbetween" something on the wall.

Wendy - Thanks, Wendy. I haven't measured yet but I might have to cut the outside border down a bit to get it to fit where I want it to go.

judy - You're right! Quilting (like so many other things) is much easier to learn if you can take a class in person or have someone you know teach you.

Karen L. - Frankly, I'm amazing myself in that I've stuck to the UFOs rather than starting something new. Do ya think I'm sick?? ;o)

Stephanie - Thanks, Stephanie! :o)

Leigh - Don't forget, I'm patiently waiting to see you get your fingers back into creative handwork. Can't you squeeze some in?

judy - I DID see the picture you posted! That was really nice of you to do . . . and your kind words. Hope your weekend is going okay. Hugs.