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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Three New Table Runners

When I put out my Easter decorations a couple of weeks ago, I realized that I didn't have the quilted table runners I would have liked to place on top of a couple of storage cabinets and a display shelf in the kitchen. And if I had had them, wouldn't it be great if they all were made from the same selection of fabrics so they kinda sorta looked like they matched? Novel idea!

I know I've been keeping myself from starting any new projects, only working on finishing up old projects, but the thought of these new runners just got the better of me.

I pulled some spring-like colors from my stash and decided to make the runners in three different designs but to use the same fabrics in each runner.

All three are now made and sandwiched, but I've only gotten to work on the hand quilting of one of them so far.

I didn't have time tonight to get a better picture showing the quilting on this one I'm working on, but maybe I can when all three are done and ready for a proper show and tell.

Here's the second one.

And the last and biggest one. None of them are complicated designs but I think I'll like them when they are all quilted and bound.

No, they weren't ready for Easter this year, but maybe I'll still be able to get them done to use this spring and early summer. I hope. If you have any extra hours I can use for quilting my little heart out, please send special delivery. Thanks!


Erin said...

I love the colors! I made one of those strippy runners with that box of stash you sent me and I loved the way it turned out. I should really do some runners this summer as a way to quilt without getting too involved in massive projects. I. Must. Remember. Runners. !

Leigh said...

Love the colors. And I am so impressed at how much you get accomplished. Very impressive!

Freedom Acres Farm said...

Beautiful! Shhh don't tell her but I just finished a table runner for a shower gift for my future daughter-in-law. Can't blog about it of course because she follows me LOL But it was fun!

Sparkless said...

Very Easter/Spring colors, love them! They are going to look fantastic.

Kathryn D. Duke said...

I just love your three table runners...I just moved both my kitchen and dinning room tables around and taken the table cloths off and need table runners for the pretty wooden tops...you have given me great ideas!! thanks

Susan said...

Oh, they are wonderful! You are just so talented, you are! Can't wait to see them finished.

Lisa said...

These are beautiful! Love the way you used the same colors, but different patterns... each are unique, yet they all go together well. Your 'novel idea' worked well! hmmm. I'll have to remember that. I think my favorite might be the first photo shown. Okay, how do you get so much done and 'pulled together' so fast.... not to mention in the middle of your remodeling! Wow!

Mama Pea Quilts said...

Erin - So how come we never saw a picture posted of the strippy runner? Yes, smaller projects like runners sure do give you a sense of satisfaction in that you can actually finish them in a reasonable amount of time.

Leigh - Oh, Leigh, I feel like I do so little especially in the way of quilting. I have patterns and ideas for soooo many things I really want to make . . . but I guess there are other things I want to do (should do/have to do) that take precedence. Oh well, it gives me something to look forward to!!

Freedom Acres Farm - Pictures, please, as soon as you can!

Sparkless - Thank you, ma'am! :o)

Kathryn D. Duke - Welcome and thanks for commenting! Don't you just love the ideas you get from other quilters? That's why Show and Tell is so much fun. Thank you for your kind words.

Susan - Aw, now I'm blushing. (*I* can't wait to see them finished either!)

Lisa - Quilting is so rejuvenating and "centering" for me. It's my thinking time and I really do need it to keep myself sane. I think I'm a fast quilter if I can just get the time to do it. So although I never do get whole days to be in my quilt room ("life" always intervenes!) I treasure the couple of hours I can squeak in here and there. Like when I wake in the middle of the night and can't go back to sleep!

Karen L. said...

Your table runners are beautiful!!! And 3 of them .... sheesh, you put the rest of us to shame. I do love that you are hand quilting these. Having been to several quilt shows in the recent past, one does not see much hand quilting anymore. And now they have these computer driven quilting gizmos that you punch in a pattern and walk away!!!!! What's with that? Plus they cost thousand of dollars. Nope, not happening at my house and I would bet the mortgage that they won't show up at your house either.

Mama Pea Quilts said...

Karen L. - I do love hand quilting, but do all of my baby quilts by machine because hand quilting (at least mine!) doesn't hold up to repeated washings which I hope my baby quilts get because I want them to be used!

I've never had any desire to learn how to quilt on a long arm quilting machine (and I'm not sure why). Our local quilt shop has one and you can go in there and use it. There's even an experienced operator that will help you learn how.

"Real" quilting is hand quilting, as far as I'm concerned. (If only there was more time to do it!!)