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Sunday, February 6, 2011

I Wanna Do It Again!

My three-day quilting retreat at home has been a smashing success. And, boy-howdy, did I accomplish a lot. My main aim was to finish the winter wall hanging for my daughter's office and I did that early this afternoon.

As I mentioned, it took me all day yesterday to do the machine quilting on it (which I am very happy with) so all I had to do today was the binding and hanging sleeve.

This is a close-up of the left border and part of the center of the piece.

Above is the top portion. Sure wish the machine quilting would show up better in the pictures.

The appliqued "Welcome" lettering across the bottom.

And the whole wall hanging completely finished and ready to be delivered.

I used the remainder of the day today to work on a couple of quilted pot holders that I wanted to make as a thank you for someone who did something very nice for me. I have to hand stitch the binding on them tomorrow and they will be all set to go. I'll post a picture or two of them before sending them off.

The one single problem with my three-day quilting marathon at home was that now I want to do it again . . . soon!


Jane said...

the wall hanging is really pretty,you did such a great job! I know your daughter will love it.Blessings jane

Susan said...

My question to you, dear Mama Pea, is why don't you take one or two (or more) days a week and schedule a block of quilting time? Let's face it, we schedule everything else, so why not something we love? Beautiful hanging and I am looking forward to seeing those pot holders!

Erin said...

It turned out beautiful! Of course it did, though :) I know what you mean, I finished my first one last night and want to start in again, but I have to at least get some early seeds started FIRST!

Fiona said...

Beautiful, Mama Pea!!!!

Anonymous said...

The quilt is lovely! Inspiring!

Claire said...

Beautiful! I've said it many a time, but it bears repeating: you are so talented!

Leigh said...

It's absolutely beautiful. Chicken Mama is so lucky.

Mama Pea Quilts said...

Jane2 - Thank you very much. My daughter did (I'm happy to say) like it!

Susan - I am going to try (very hard) to take every Saturday to be in my quilt studio. Thanks for reminding me about the pot holders. I was just about to pack them up. I'll take pictures first!

Erin - Okay, you've got those seeds started. Now let's see what's next on your quilting agenda.

Thanks, Fiona!

Rain - My thanks to you, also.

Claire - I love quilting . . . otherwise, it wouldn't come out as good as it does.

Leigh - I'll tell her you said so! Tee-hee!