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Monday, February 21, 2011

I Love Making Pot Holders

I had an overwhelming urge to make a couple of pot holders to add to my stash, so that's what I did .

Sorting through my fabric, I was thinking of making something with a spring theme but when I ended up with this selection, I decided they were more representative of full-blow summer time.

The blocks I used this time were "Right Hand of Friendship" on the right and "Gentleman's Fancy" on the left. Both were easy and fun to do. I can definitely see using "Right Hand of Friendship" in 30s prints for a baby quilt.

I liked these two fabrics so much I used them as solid backs for the pot holders.

I'm gonna get back to my daughter's spring wall hanging one of these days very soon. She and I picked out the border fabrics this weekend so I'm ready to go on that next part.


BeautifulDees said...

I am speechless at your beautiful quilt's...I would love to be able to quilt like that. Your blog is so nice.

Sparkless said...

Those are beautiful. You have a gift for picking colors that work together.

Erin said...

I love cows! Those pot holders made me smile and think of grassy pastures, yay for summer!

I like the border for the spring wall hanging, I think potholders may be a good project for me now that I have the "big quilt" out of the way LOL

Anonymous said...

Wow Mama Pea! Those are gorgeous pot holders! I absolutely love the backing fabric! :)

Mama Pea Quilts said...

Debbie - Welcome and thank you for commenting! I think anyone who has a background in sewing can quilt. I was a knitter for many years . . . until I found quilting which is my true passion. [Now if only I could find about 10 more hours in each day. ;o)]

Sparkless - These colors kinda fell right together without much thought on my part!

Erin - The cows appeal to the "farm girl" in all of us! Pot holders are so much fun . . . and easy. Give a couple a go, m'dear.

Rain - Thanks! That's why I chose not to piece the backs. I wanted the fabrics to be shown off!

Jill said...

I LOVE THEM!! Ok, so when do we get to see the tutorial on these little gems? I actually made an oven mitt for my Dad's birthday, but can't get the edging figured out on a square potholder. (forgot to take a picture of his mitt! I am a bad bad bad blogger!)
Keep sharing your projects, you I*N*S*P*I*R*E!!

meemsnyc said...

These are beautiful ideas!

Leigh said...

What a great idea! I should do this for my future kitchen. (In all my spare time. :) Your quilting is really gorgeous. As the others have said, very inspirational.

Mama Pea Quilts said...

Jill - It never entered my mind to do a tutorial on the pot holders. But I will! Stay tuned. Thank you so much for your kind words!

meemsnyc - Thank you very much!

Leigh - Yes! You can make them totally color coordinated for your kitchen. And after the pot holders, fill up your spare time making quilted matching place mats! ;o)

judy said...

these are very nice pot holders. I have been hanging on until garage sale season so as to purchase some sturdy ones. for 5 Christmas'S in a row I asked my adult children for the uf glove OR WHAT EVER IT IS.you are so talented.reading blogs is totals new for me,but I love it.people inspire me and I think I need that right now. judy