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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Quilt Studio Tour

I had a request on my personal blog so I gave a tour today of a trip around my quilt room over there. If you're interested, you can pop over to, A Home Grown Journal, to take a peek.

"Life" continues to give me too many things that must be done so I'm still not working on my quilting as I want to do. You'd think I'd be on top of things and organized by now after the holidays but I don't seem to be. Sat at my desk most of the day today paying bills and doing other tasks which had to be done. The house isn't very clean, but dagnabbit, it will just get dirty again if I take the time to clean it so I may just overlook that for a while. I keep thinking I'll quilt when I get "caught up" but that illusive state of affairs never seems to arrive.

Since I can't figure out how to get more hours in the day (short of giving up more of my beauty sleep --- and we do NOT want to see that happen), I'm just going to stomp on off into my quilting studio and QUILT!


Val said...

You go girl!!!!

Mama Pea Quilts said...

Val - I really am gonna go hole up in there . . . I really am. Soon. :o)