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Sunday, August 23, 2009

Good Observation!

This post is in response to the comment Chicken Mama (daughter and recipient of the potholders) made on my previous blog entry.

I make all my potholders 8" x 8" square. It's a size I just find very handy. They're big enough to fold double and still have something to hang on to. An 8" square is ample to protect the table if you want to set a hot dish or skillet on it. Ones I make for myself, I don't put a hanging loop on because in my present kitchen, I have to keep my potholders in a drawer next to the stove. No convenient hook(s) to hang them on. But for those I give away, I always put a loop on each one.

Chicken Mama commented that the Anvil and Road to Heaven blocks were the same, except for a little tweaking, as she said. My, how perceptive you are, m'dear! Except . . . they're really not.

This is the Anvil block.

And here is Road to Heaven.

The diagonals in the above pictures are going in opposite directions, but I think you can still see what I'm trying to explain.

In Anvil, the center square (labeled D) is one solid piece. The same center area in Road to Heaven is made up of six pieces; two squares plus two squares made up of two triangles put together. This allows you to get the different pattern or color configurations in Road to Heaven. But Chicken Mama was correct in observing that the blocks contain the same overall shape.

This is what makes quilting so interesting. Just look what a change that little tweaking and use of colors make in a block. I have seen three blocks made from an identical block pattern (EXACTLY the same pieces) but they appear visually so uniquely different, because of the particular use of fabrics and colors, you wouldn't think they could be the same block.

Even with the simple reversing of the white and colored pieces in the two blocks above, which are the identical block pattern, you have a different look to the block. (Dang, my mind has gone blank and I can't remember the name of this block. Anyone? Help?)

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