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Thursday, August 27, 2009

The Big Board - For Big Jobs

When I was working for the quilt store making shop samples and custom-ordered quilts, I did a lot of pressing of big quilt tops I made. As many of you know, doing so on a regular sized ironing board is not easy. The owner of the shop had a big board at the store which she rarely used. Since I worked mostly out of my home, she suggested I take the board home with me to use.

Wow, I could hardly believe what a difference it made having that larger surface to spread out and iron on. I decided pretty quickly that I should have a big board of my own. I couldn't think of any reason why my husband and I couldn't make one ourselves rather than ordering one from a quilt supply catalog. Besides, do you know how much they cost in the catalogs? (Think of your checking account being depleted by over a hundred bucks.) Golldang, more than my quilting budget would allow.

Roy dug around and found a scrap piece of plywood, I bought some of the gray, shiny heat-reflective material at a fabric store and used a couple layers of Warm 'N Natural for padding. Not much to it actually. Dimensions of the board are 22" wide by 62" long.

We put a set of raised rails on the backside to hold the top securely on my ironing board.

The rails run the full length of the board.

This shot makes me feel a little dizzy, but it does show how the rails keep the big board stationary.

Now you have a large, flat, secure surface on which to lay out your quilt top for pressing. Just another really handy quilting "tool" to have. And if you can make one yourself, very economical.


Vivian said...

Thanks for the idea - I do have an oversize ironing board, but not nearly this big - will probably have to construct one of these for myself! I love the quilt on the ironing board - your pattern? or in a book? Glad you found a few spare minutes to post today!

Mama Pea Quilts said...

Hi, Vivian - The quilt top on the board still needs a couple of outer borders as I want it to be big enough for our king-sized bed. The pattern is from an old issue (January/February, 2002) of Fons and Porter's magazine For the Love of Quilting. It's called Ryan's Plain Rendition and appears on page 36.

Good thing I sat down and posted first thing this morning as the rest of my day totally got away from me! That seems to happen a lot.

Vivian said...

Thanks for the info - don't think I have F&P that far back, but will look it up. LOOOVE their magazines. Have a great weekend and I hope you get to relax a little ;)

Chicken Mama said...

I'm glad Vivian asked about the quilt top, 'cause I think it's purdy, too! Great for late fall / wintertime up here (decoration, wise).


P.S. Now that I've gotten that Pack 'N' Play for little friends who visit, will you make a baby quilt for it? I'll send you a digital photo so you can get an idea of the colors . . . .

Mama Pea Quilts said...

Chicken Mama - Thanks for the compliments on the quilt top. I kinda think it's gonna be striking spread out on the bed.

You know I'll be glad to make a quilt for you to have all set and ready in the Pack 'N' Play. It's a dark blue, right? Send photos!

VeeV said...

Lovely tutorial?? on how to make an ironing board that holds a quilt.
i find my ironing board legs are wobbly... so i'm going to try to make one of these and have foldable wooden feet put on it....
thanks bundles & bushels!!