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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

It's Not Quilting But . . .

I thought I'd post about this newest project anyway.

I know I shouldn't have done it when I have so many other projects going but I just couldn't stop myself. I've been looking at this method of making a rug for a while now and finally ordered the little instruction booklet and over-sized crochet hook.

Using strips of fabric and a couple of simple crochet stitches it comes out looking like a cross between a braided rug and a rag rug.

My start of the rug is presently only 8-1/2" x 20-1/2". I'm shooting for somewhere around 24" x 36". It's fun to do but not as smooth or easy as regular crocheting that you can just kind of fly through.

This is proving to be tough stuff using fabric strips instead of yarn and Paul Bunyan's mother's crochet hook. Feels like I'm working with a telephone pole.

But I am liking the way it's looking. I'll keep you updated on my progress.


The Apple Pie Gal said...

I love it! What size hook and fabric strips are you using?

How on earth have you found time to do this with company???

You are again -amazing!!!

Mama Pea Quilts said...

I started it before the company arrived. Got most of it accomplished on Christmas Day in spare moments. Haven't been able to touch it since.

The crochet hook is a "P." Never heard of that size before! The pattern called for 2" strips but I found them just too hard to work with so I started over using 1-1/2" strips which I think work much better and will still give a very sturdy rug.

If I had the time I'd be working on this all day every day. It's that much fun to see "grow."

Jenyfer Matthews said...

I wonder if you could use up selvage edges that way??

And one day I AM going to get to making that coil bowl... That cotton rope taunts me every time I run across it...

Mama Pea Quilts said...

Using selvages? Yes! The booklet even suggests that. Methinks that would make one substantial rug!

Even though you may not be able to get to that coil bowl right now, you've always got a fun thing waiting for you!

Shasta said...

It is pretty - it looks like it sparkles.

Mama Pea Quilts said...

Shasta - Thank you for commenting! I've made a little progress on this . . . will post pictures when it looks significantly bigger . . . but haven't done as much work on it as I've wanted to. Why can't we all just play all day??

Val said...

I absolutely love this! I want to do this too.

Jane said...

I love it! What great colors. I would have no idea how to do the oval. I hope you show us when your done with it.

Mama Pea Quilts said...

Val - I'm coming along on the rug and will post more pictures soon. Started yours yet?

Jane - If you like, send me an e-mail with your snail mail address and I will be glad to send you a copy of the directions I'm using to make my rug. I'd be glad to do so.